How much do you charge?

My full day session is £600, this is 11am-5/6pm or for hourly work I charge £120 per hour, once booking requests are received I will respond with a quote on time and pricing for each piece.


When will you be taking bookings? 

My diary will reopen on in June for bookings in August, September and October. 


Where are you based?

I am based in Bournemouth, at Hobo Jack Tattoo. 


What happens after I send in my booking form?

I try my best to respond to successful booking requests within 10 days of submittal, I prioritise pieces that I feel will suit my style the best and where I can have creative input with the design to be able to produce the best work possible. I will send out an available date and to secure it a deposit will be required, this usually 20% of the session cost and is to be sent via bank transfer. 

Unfortunately I am rarely able to accept every request and if you do not hear back after this then unfortunately it has not been successful at this time. 


What should I do to prepare for my session?

I recommend bringing some snacks or drinks with you, and also making sure you have a good breakfast before attending your session. Please gently exfoliate the area to be tattooed a couple of days before and make sure to keep your skin protected from the sun in the few weeks before. 


Can I bring a someone with me? 

Due to space limitations at the studio we can’t allow guests to sit at the tattoo stations with us, we have seating areas upstairs that they are welcome to use. 


What aftercare do you recommend?

I will discuss aftercare with you during the session and a link to instructions will be emailed on the day. Aftercare balms that we recommend are Underdog, which is available at the studio for £5, or Palmers cocoa butter. 


Can I use numbing cream? 

I advise against using numbing cream as it can affect how the skin responds during the session and also during the healing process which, to me, isn’t worth the risk. We can take as many breaks as is needed during the session.


Do you send out designs beforehand?

I cannot send out designs before the appointment, I use all the information sent in via the booking form to create the design and we can go though it together on the day of the session, if any changes are needed then we can easily do that whilst you are there.